Learning new Herbal Recipes

So I was under the impression that you would have to do a Lore test with the appropriate Lore Difficulty to learn a new recipe. However, the Golden Wine of Xuthal says

In addition to the Dire (D4) Healing test to know the recipe, the herbalist must make a successful Dire (D4) Lore test to even know such a recipe exists.

Do I need to make a Healing test with the indicated Lore Difficulty to learn a recipe? This seems incredibly counter intuitive. Or are the Healing and Lore tests just erroneously switched in the description of the Golden Wine of Xuthal?

I think I would play it as is. Normally you need to do a Lore test to learn any recipe. I think this would be considered a test to know of the recipe. After you know of the recipe you can make it, because it is not super complicated/esoteric. You just need to do the Healing test to follow the directions. So once you know it exists, knowing it (understanding) is automatic.

In the case of Golden Wine of Xuthal it is extremely rare and complicated. The Lore test is to know it exists (like the ones above), but before you can even begin to follow the direction you need to truly understand what they are saying, the Healing test.

Not saying this is what the rules intend, just a way of justifying the wording. I do not think they are switched because in the general section on knowing a recipe it specifically says Lore test.

Actually I think the Healing Test is unique to the Golden Wine itself.

It is the only ‘healing potion’ in the world (insofar as it remedies wounds instantly) and so I would say that it seems reasonable that understanding how to concoct the wine would require both the Healing skill and Herbalism to ensure the recipe was correct.