Herbalist (Building a character to become a Herbalist)

I have a question for the players and the GM’s out there. With the Herbalist Talent, the prerequisite says: Healing Focus 2, Survival Focus of 2. I have a character that has plenty of Healing Focus but is unskilled in Survival. I can find nothing in the rules that says the character must have an Expertise before they can buy Focus ranks but practically that does not seem to make sense. Nearly all other Talents have a prerequisite of Expertise in order to acquire a particular Talent.

My question is, upon next carousal, can my PC spend XP to buy 2 ranks of Survival Focus without buying even one rank of Expertise in Survival to satisfy the Herbalist prerequisite? Then buy Herbalist or does the PC need to buy at least one rank of Survival Expertise?


Yes, when spending xp you can buy points in EITHER focus or expertise. You don’t have to have any expertise in something to gain focus. Practicality says it is in your best interest to raise expertise as well so that the skill has a higher chance of succeeding and the Herbalist talent utilizes Survival a lot so I would suggest you encourage your player to increase expertise but there is nothing stopping them from saving that until later.

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