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Kultick muzack...?

Hey there Aware 1s:

When shattering the Illusion (ie “playing” KDL), what musick, if any, do you play?


There is a Kult soundtrack - which I assume must be sold in the catalogue (I got it with the Kickstarter).

Otherwise, try

  • Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures and Closer
  • The Bladerunner soundtrack
  • Hawkwind - X in Search of Space
  • Various Stuff by Phillip Glass
  • Goldie - Angel
  • Russian Choir music.

Whats in my playlist?

Olde stuff by Spahn Ranch
Stuff by Nurse With Wound
Olde stuff by Death in June
Stuff by Lustmord
Metal Machine Music, by L Reed
Lycantropen Themes, by Ulver
Tribes of Neurot stuff
Arcana stuff, especially Le Serpent Rouge
Stuff by Controlled Bleeding

Aaaaand Giacinto Scelsi… can’t forget The Master.


Other albums that I feel sets a Kultish tone:

Bummed by Happy Mondays.
The Queen is Dead by The Smiths.

Anything by Swans
The Reptile House Ep Sisters of Mercy
The Ninth Gate OST

Yep, I remembered Swans after I posted. How could I forget?!

The Ninth Gate is my Call of Cthulhu ST. More for traditional horror tropes.


Saw them at Camden Underworld sometime in the nineties

Theyre still going, bettah with time!