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Kultick muzack...?

Hey there Aware 1s:

When shattering the Illusion (ie “playing” KDL), what musick, if any, do you play?


There is a Kult soundtrack - which I assume must be sold in the catalogue (I got it with the Kickstarter).

Otherwise, try

  • Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures and Closer
  • The Bladerunner soundtrack
  • Hawkwind - X in Search of Space
  • Various Stuff by Phillip Glass
  • Goldie - Angel
  • Russian Choir music.

Whats in my playlist?

Olde stuff by Spahn Ranch
Stuff by Nurse With Wound
Olde stuff by Death in June
Stuff by Lustmord
Metal Machine Music, by L Reed
Lycantropen Themes, by Ulver
Tribes of Neurot stuff
Arcana stuff, especially Le Serpent Rouge
Stuff by Controlled Bleeding

Aaaaand Giacinto Scelsi… can’t forget The Master.


Other albums that I feel sets a Kultish tone:

Bummed by Happy Mondays.
The Queen is Dead by The Smiths.

Anything by Swans
The Reptile House Ep Sisters of Mercy
The Ninth Gate OST

Yep, I remembered Swans after I posted. How could I forget?!

The Ninth Gate is my Call of Cthulhu ST. More for traditional horror tropes.


Saw them at Camden Underworld sometime in the nineties

Theyre still going, bettah with time!

Psychic TV, Klute, Skinny Puppy, Snog…