Kobayashi Maru - Ship to Ship Combat

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Moin Moin,

Last Thursday we hat a little Ship to Ship Combat and as I not only surprised my players I also surprised myself, that I should have read the rules for that more properly. Well I think I bluffed my players enough, that in their opinion all went as planned and their Skill, Decisions and Diceroles save the day.

Now I am planing da jump to the last year at the academy with my players and put every one of them in the centerseat, let the others play sterotypical Cadets and simulate the Kobayashi Maru.

First Ideas:

The Kobayashi Maru needs no really staats only a number of crew alive to rescue and a lot of Problems

The Enemy:
Three Romulan Warbirds
Alpha: The agressiv operating who makes the first Strike
Beta: The more passive operationg, who backs up Alpha
Gamme: The Reserve, who declokes when Alpha or Beta are destroied and acts opposite to the destroied Unit.

Now I need some Imput
The Training Vessel:
Which Vessel should the Cadets use? Galaxy Class, Neblua Class or Censtellation claas or something else? Free choise?

What other difficulties will appear and how to solve them? And as it is a no win scenario (yeah I hate that too, but its the academy) how to not solve them?

As alwasy, sorry for the bad Englisch.

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Eric Stearns said Apr 22, 2017

I am assuming that the scenario is in he 24th century, so I would say the cruiser would a Galaxy class (the original intent of the scenario is give the students the absolute best in the galaxy and then show them that the ship is not the advantage, but your training.)

The three ships should all attack simultaneously, if the the three ships are destroyed, then three more arrive. Part of the original Kobyashi Maru scenario was the Klingon D7s engaged in a sneak attack when the Constellation came to assist the KM. And successive waves of 3 D7s would arrive until the Constellation was destroyed. Even the circumstances surrounding the attack would alter based on the decisions of the Captain. If the ship went in unshielded at condition green, the D7s would uncloak, and fire on the defenseless ship. If the ship went in at Condition Yellow or Red, they would wait until they attempted transport of rescue crews to the KM to uncloak and attack.

The scenario itself is supposed to be an unfair challenge to the crew, they are expected to get destroyed.



LucasCunningham said Apr 27, 2017

Well here is my try on the Kobayashi Maru Test [The].

Kobayashi Maru

This is the real thing. As realistic as it can be, in the Academy. No Holodeck, a real Bridge-simulator. With Conn, Operations, Tactical and naturally THE chair.
A Bolojan Captain waits for you. Behind him two Commanders in uniforms of the Operations Division, sneering to each other.
“Good morning Cadets, I am Captain Borrus. I will evaluate your performance today.
This may be the only time that you will ever sit at the centre seat of a starship.As you might have heard, the engineers, who cooked this scenario up, think it is not winnable. At all.
One out of thousand Cadets is able to proof them wrong. So, do your best and good luck.”

Captain: One of the players with their character or Cadet Ivan Sharp
First Officer: Cadet Taura, Vulcan female
Conn: Cadet Lance Crawford, Human male
Operations: Cadet Miras Atos, Bajoran male
Tactics: Cadet Valian sh’Nortria, Andorian female
Engineering: Cadet Emory Odan, Trill, female

USS Galaxy NCC-70637, Galaxy Class

As the ship is on its way to Gammy Hydra near the Romulan Neutral Zone, it receives the following distress calls.

On Speakers:
“Mayday-Mayday [static] this is the Kobayashi [static] we are hit by a [static] mine and lost all [static]. We are [static]. We need help. [static] hear us?”

Information about the Kobayashi Maru
Class Class III Neutronic fuel carrier
Crew: 81+ up to 300 Passangers
Mass 147,943 metric Tons
Fright up to 97,000 metric Tons
Length 237 Meter
Beam 111 Meter
High 70 Meter
Speed Warp 3 (Cruising)
Warp 6 (Emergency)

0 Success: Position Kobayashi Maru
1 Success: Position Kobayashi Maru, Warp-Engine damaged, 328 alive
2 Success: As above Mentioned + Major Energy Loss + Lifesupport will go down, Reserves are going to zero fast
3 Success: As above + Energy-anomaly near the Kobayashi Maru
4 Success: As above + Energy-anomaly starbord of USS Galaxy, long range away

The Energy-Anomaly
1 Success: Maybe signature of a gravimetric mine
2 Success: Maybe signature of a gravimetric mine, maybe but unlikely a cloaked ship
3 Success: maybe a cloaked ship

Establishing Contact:
Only a successful roll on Reason and Engineering (with 2 Successes) will bring you in Contact with the Kobayashi Maru.
The First Officer Kyle Anderson (reminding them of one of the Engineers mentioned above) will answer.
Mr. Anderson will provide the information which is available to him.

  • The situation for the Kobayashi Maru is critical and Mr. Anderson is panicking.
  • Transporters are down, the Warpdrive is offline, there is a fire in the front section, the automatic fire suppression is down and they have lots of wounded on board: by the last count 104 and rising. The Crew is trying to bring the passengers to the escape pods. THEY NEED HELP! NOW!

If the players are going in without their shields activated:

  • The Romulan Warbirds Alpha and Beta will decloak and attack the Galaxy at once.

If the players are going in with their shields up and under general quarters:

  • Warbird Alpha will decloak when the Galaxy lowers its shields to beam the wounded aboard.

  • Warbird Beta will decloak when the Galaxy makes combat ready and engages Warbird Alpha.

  • Warbird Alpha will act aggressive and will fire as much as possible.

  • Warbird Beta will act cunning and will try to move into a good position and target the engines of USS Galaxy.

  • Warbird Gamma will act as a reserve and decloak when Alpha or Beta get destroyed. He will act opposed to the destroyed Warbird.

The Romulans will not communicate with the USS Galaxy and attack until the federation ship is destroyed.