Ship combat question

I am new to the game (haven’t played or GM’ed, yet…). I have a few ideas for missions, but I am not really sure how any of the combat works at the moment.

How many Hideki-class ships would be a match for a Steamrunner-class ship?

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1 to 4 depending on your players typical choices and the scene (EX are there spacial hazards or another ship they must save/escort). If you have players that are cunning and creative 3 or 4 is good to give them a challenge. If they have a hard time getting any plans together or working in harmony with each other 1 to 2

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It will also vary with how you deal with the NPC ships. The rules allow for applying the full damage rules just like you would a player starship, or much more simplified damage rules that result in enemy ships being destroyed/disabled much more quickly.

I tend to use the full damage rules for high stakes, high drama engagements (a la “Wrath of Khan”), while using the simpler rules for quick skirmishes, like my players having to fight their way through some Jem’Hadar attack ships on the way to the meat of the mission.

If you’re going simple, and your players are crafty, 3-4 should be manageable, but threatening. 2 with full rules or with a less adaptable (or just less experienced) crew should prove formidable. (My players couldn’t defeat a Borg Sphere with their Nova-class, but they could keep it at bay and keep it’s attention until reinforcements arrived.)

Thanks, I will keep that in mind.