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Kidnappers In Corinthia

A fairly straightforward adventure, set in Corinthia’s Magyar, the Red City. When Lord Numitor’s young son is abducted, the players are recruited to find and retrieve him. Requires roleplay and investigation, plus a plan and either a heist or some combat towards the end. Predictably, not everything is as it seems.
I’d love any feedback, as this is the first one I’ve written for this system.

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It dont seem to work, :disappointed_relieved:

Okay let me try again.

What happens when you try it? It always opens when I try.

It opens for me.

Now it lets me access it :smile:

thanks for the post!

Looks good so far.

It played well when I ran it and gave the players chance to ‘bed in’ some new PCs in Magyar.
Took about 10 hours of play.

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Nice, thanks for an adventure