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Kelvin Timeline, Mirror Universe, Picard, The Past Alternative settings for Star Trek Adventures

The world of Star Trek is full of expensive settings in alternate realities or different time periods. What Settings do you think people should explore and what ideas do you have for those settings?

A setting I personally feel is worthy of exploring is during Star Trek: Voyager, but back in the standard Federation, making it more of a sequel to TNG and DS9 – after the Dominion War. You have a ship that survived the War or was newly built. Maybe your ship has some “features” caused by rapid repairing from catastrophic damage during the war. Maybe your crew are all replacement officers for officers who crewed through the war together war and so they feel like “the outsiders” as the crew have common recollections and stories that these officers weren’t there for. (Band of Brothers has a good episodes with replacements arriving that can show you how that can go down).

Regardless you have a Federation high on winning the war, but exhausted, bruised, battered and with an ugly political battle about to start. The Federation First movement wanting to pull back from exploring for the time being and even diplomacy and focus on healing the worlds of the Federation, consolidating their holdings, rebuilding their fleets and smoothly integrating the new member worlds that joined with a rushed approval process because of the war. (Like the species Picard was welcoming at the start of Star Trek: Insurrection). On the other hand, the more traditional Federation positions to keep the Alliance going and helping outside worlds – particularly the Cardassians, and exploring the Newly re-accessible Gamma Quadrant.

Your ship could be in the Beta Quadrant trying to keep the Alliance together as Martok faces opposition from Klingon Houses who want to claim territory over their defeated foes or play territory games against other house weakened by the War. Martok can’t intervene direction without looking like he is taking sides but Federation allies can act as neutral agents to settle these issues. On the other hand, perhaps client species of the Klingons see this as their opportunity to rebel and gain independence – they ask the Federation for help – the Federation response will be dictated by the aforementioned internal politics and the concerns of Alliance… and if the Federation declines, what if the Romulans don’t? Then does the Federation intervene and on whose side? That’s enough for several seasons of campaigning.

On the Romulan front… they have their own politics, those who see a potential for the Alliance continuing, those who see a potential for expansion of the Way of D’era and those who think it is time to close the borders and rebuild in a time of insular activity again. The narrative events of Star Trek: Nemesis are building in the background though a few years away, you can easily have stories that involve foreshadowing of that. Pourous Romulan borders leave opportunities for Ferengi and Orion opportunists, not to mention other species… like Nausicaan pirates. Combine this with the Klingon matters above and the “Triangle” (the space where the Romulan, Klingon and Federation claims all meet up) can get very spicy indeed and give you a lot of plots.

Or you can choose the Alpha Quadrant – Cardassian relief missions. Planets surrendered in the 2368 treaty declaring independence or asking to rejoin the Federation, scores settled, rival Cardassian fleets vying for ascendancy and perhaps the Tazekenthi getting salty again now that the Federation and Cardassians are weakened. If the Federation focuses on rebuilding its own worlds first, desperate Cardassians may raid shipping. Frustrated Ferengi certain won’t have a problem getting up to shenanigans in light of Rom’s reforms. Rebels, resistance fighters, refugees, Pirates, Mercenaries – and tight logistics and political conflict back home, its a dangerous time for a Starship trying to keep the peace and maintain order.

Or if you want things wide open – there is all that delicious Gamma Quadrant to go exploring, including the many worlds that were just recently at war with the Federation (if only because their masters said so). Perhaps the Founders will even arrange for a friendly Vorta “exchange officer” to join them (not really a request).

Well, this was a really long answer so, while I have other eras I could ramble about, I think I’ll end it here. :slight_smile:


That’s a really good idea for a setting thanks for sharing. :vulcan_salute:

Kelvin timeline pre gen.pdf (1.7 MB)

2 years after Star Trek Beyond command of the USS Tereshkova NCC 1811 is handed down to Captain T’Lar. With Her and her crew at the helm of the Tereshkova who knows what they will face.