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Kelvin Timeline, Mirror Universe, Picard, The Past Alternative settings for Star Trek Adventures

The world of Star Trek is full of expensive settings in alternate realities or different time periods. What Settings do you think people should explore and what ideas do you have for those settings?

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A setting I personally feel is worthy of exploring is during Star Trek: Voyager, but back in the standard Federation, making it more of a sequel to TNG and DS9 – after the Dominion War. You have a ship that survived the War or was newly built. Maybe your ship has some “features” caused by rapid repairing from catastrophic damage during the war. Maybe your crew are all replacement officers for officers who crewed through the war together war and so they feel like “the outsiders” as the crew have common recollections and stories that these officers weren’t there for. (Band of Brothers has a good episodes with replacements arriving that can show you how that can go down).

Regardless you have a Federation high on winning the war, but exhausted, bruised, battered and with an ugly political battle about to start. The Federation First movement wanting to pull back from exploring for the time being and even diplomacy and focus on healing the worlds of the Federation, consolidating their holdings, rebuilding their fleets and smoothly integrating the new member worlds that joined with a rushed approval process because of the war. (Like the species Picard was welcoming at the start of Star Trek: Insurrection). On the other hand, the more traditional Federation positions to keep the Alliance going and helping outside worlds – particularly the Cardassians, and exploring the Newly re-accessible Gamma Quadrant.

Your ship could be in the Beta Quadrant trying to keep the Alliance together as Martok faces opposition from Klingon Houses who want to claim territory over their defeated foes or play territory games against other house weakened by the War. Martok can’t intervene direction without looking like he is taking sides but Federation allies can act as neutral agents to settle these issues. On the other hand, perhaps client species of the Klingons see this as their opportunity to rebel and gain independence – they ask the Federation for help – the Federation response will be dictated by the aforementioned internal politics and the concerns of Alliance… and if the Federation declines, what if the Romulans don’t? Then does the Federation intervene and on whose side? That’s enough for several seasons of campaigning.

On the Romulan front… they have their own politics, those who see a potential for the Alliance continuing, those who see a potential for expansion of the Way of D’era and those who think it is time to close the borders and rebuild in a time of insular activity again. The narrative events of Star Trek: Nemesis are building in the background though a few years away, you can easily have stories that involve foreshadowing of that. Pourous Romulan borders leave opportunities for Ferengi and Orion opportunists, not to mention other species… like Nausicaan pirates. Combine this with the Klingon matters above and the “Triangle” (the space where the Romulan, Klingon and Federation claims all meet up) can get very spicy indeed and give you a lot of plots.

Or you can choose the Alpha Quadrant – Cardassian relief missions. Planets surrendered in the 2368 treaty declaring independence or asking to rejoin the Federation, scores settled, rival Cardassian fleets vying for ascendancy and perhaps the Tazekenthi getting salty again now that the Federation and Cardassians are weakened. If the Federation focuses on rebuilding its own worlds first, desperate Cardassians may raid shipping. Frustrated Ferengi certain won’t have a problem getting up to shenanigans in light of Rom’s reforms. Rebels, resistance fighters, refugees, Pirates, Mercenaries – and tight logistics and political conflict back home, its a dangerous time for a Starship trying to keep the peace and maintain order.

Or if you want things wide open – there is all that delicious Gamma Quadrant to go exploring, including the many worlds that were just recently at war with the Federation (if only because their masters said so). Perhaps the Founders will even arrange for a friendly Vorta “exchange officer” to join them (not really a request).

Well, this was a really long answer so, while I have other eras I could ramble about, I think I’ll end it here. :slight_smile:


That’s a really good idea for a setting thanks for sharing. :vulcan_salute:

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Kelvin timeline pre gen.pdf (1.7 MB)

2 years after Star Trek Beyond command of the USS Tereshkova NCC 1811 is handed down to Captain T’Lar. With Her and her crew at the helm of the Tereshkova who knows what they will face.

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Temporal Integrity Commission (Mission to correct the Kelvin timeline) Part 1

Captain’s log Braxton

“ We have experience a severe disruption in the timeline. Reports indicate that Ambassador Spock has failed to save Romulus from a supernova in the year 2387 this has had dire consequences for our timeline. We will need to repair it but, our current agents are dangerously close to suffering from temporal psychosis. We will have to recruit new agents to help correct this tragic mistake. We will need to search for a new source, Captain Janeway has proven to cause more problems then we can afford on a mission of this magnitude. We will need to find another ship to recruit from in another timeline.”

Captain Braxton on the USS Relativity has just transported the players characters from their ship to the USS Relativity with a critical mission to Repair the timeline, they will have several attempts to repair it before they suffer from temporal psychosis. They will have to travel back in time at key points, to aid Ambassador Spock while not contaminating the timeline further. But there is another problem the timeline has fractured so badly that they may have a hard time transporting to specific timelines. They may end up years before or after the event that caused the destruction of Romulus, and be stranded their for an unknown time until we can get a lock on them. Yet they should still be able to collect data and information that could be vital to correcting the timeline if we should miss our mark on the 1st try.

Players Goals

  1. Make time jumps and collect information.
  2. Find a solution to aid Spock in stopping the star from going supernova.
  3. Keep their identities secret no one must know they are temporal agents.
  4. Execute their plan, and save the massive amount of canon based stories that require Vulcan and Romulus to exist.
  5. Don’t bring back any Tribbles.

Episode References

  1. Voyager - Futures End Season 3 Episode 8 and 9
  2. Voyager – Relativity Season 5 Episode 24
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Don’t bring back any Tribbles
Klingon prime directive
Thinking of a Klingon House with value Kill all Tribbles, where ever, when ever
We are the Watch, Tribbles are Comming
Once a prestigious House, but the fame is declining but they know the tribble menace is still there


that gives me an idea…

Temporal Integrity Commission (Mission to correct the Kelvin timeline) Part 2

Captain’s Log Braxton,

“ We have repaired the timeline and saved Romulus from destruction, but someone couldn’t follow simple orders. One of our recruits brought back a Tribble with them. It multiplied and some of the little pests got into our time transporter, they are in random events a crossed time. We will have to use the recruits one last time to locate some exterminators. Some of our Isolinear chips which contained the data on the great Tribble hunt has been chewed on by the Tribbles it will take to long to recover all the files. I’m sending the recruits to a period in time to speak with the Klingon High Counsel, to find out who the best Klingon warriors in time would be to eradicate their mistake.”

The players need to go back in time and convince Gowron Chancellor of the Klingon High Council to aid them in eradicating the Tribble infestation. They need Gowron to give them names and time periods of famous Klingon warriors that could be trusted with such a task. With special orders not to mention they just saved Romulus from total destruction, to keep this operation secret and to tell him as little as possible about the Temporal Integrity Commissions technology the last thing we want is the Klingon empire having the ability to travel threw time and, pick a fight with anyone they feel is week enough to conquer. After the Klingon’s are chosen the players will have to find each Klingon Gowron mentioned and recruit them, it shouldn’t be to hard to convince a Klingon to hunt Tribbles.

The players can pick their favorite Klingon in history to play or make up their own Tribble Hunter : ) .

Let the hunt begin,

The GM can pick an episode of Star Trek as a starting point for different points in time for the hunt or use this site Random Star Trek to find a random show.

If the Tribbles encounter Dr. Noonian Soong, Soong will be come fascinated with their rapid reproduction ability, and will mutate the Tribbles into the critters from the movie critters, and the task of rounding them up will be more difficult as the story gains a horror twist.

Players Goals,

  1. Convince Gowron to help them and try to avoid a fight in the Klingon High Counsel chambers.
  2. Keep information about the Temporal Integrity Commission down to a minimum.
  3. Locate the best trustworthy Klingon warriors in history and recruit them.
  4. Unleash the Klingon Warriors in time, and hunt, and slay the Tribble menace.
  5. Don’t let the Klingon’s know you saved Romulus from total Destruction.

Temporal Integrity Commission (Mission to correct the Kelvin timeline) Part 3

Captain’s Log Braxton,

“ Final log entry we successfully eradicated the Tribbles with the aid of famous Klingon warriors. But at some point when working with Gowron he learned that we saved Romulus now he believes we are working with the Romulans. Those blasted recruits have failed me again in a simple task. Our ship has been boarded by Klingon troops, we have suffered some damage to the ship and lost several crew. We have lost control of the ship, and have only one option, "Janeway.” I will transport the remainder of our crew to Voyager along the means to isolate Voyager from being affected by any alter timeline events. We will have to temporarily turn Voyager into our base of operations to find a way to repair this new blunder.”

The Klingons have attacked the USS Relativity, Gowron has accused them of working with the Romulans, and now has control of the ship. Captain Braxton has disable some systems on the ship, but the Klingon’s can still send troops anywhere in time. Braxton has chose to fall back and use Voyager as a base of operations, considering its stranded in the delta quadrant and may be less likely for the Klingon’s to attack.

The Klingon warriors the players recruited to hunt Tribbles has stayed loyal to the crew they trust the crew and have a sense of honor bound to their cause of repairing the timeline. They have transported to voyager along with the remaining crew of the Relativity.

The players will have to work with the Voyager crew too, temporarily changing their ship into a base to time travel, and limiting the Voyager crews knowledge of the of the technology of time travel, to preserve the Temporal Prime Directive. Then they will have to devise a way to stop the Klingon’s from changing history in their favor. As of this moment the Klignons control the Alpha, Beta, and Gama Quadrants either annihilating their Opposition or subjugating them with little to no resistance. They only species they haven’t been able to tame is the Borg.

Gowron - “Did you honestly think you would get away with this Romulan plot against the galaxy. We cannot simply hand over our lives to this Federation and Romulan conspiracy. Now we will control our destiny, not you cowardest “P’takh hiding in the shadows dictating what history we can or can’t have. ”

After Gowron seized control of the USS Relativity he attempted to win every lost battle in Klingon history, as well as starting a few new ones. He stretched the empire a crossed most of the known galaxy. Yet not all was glorious, word had spread among his people that history could be changed, and those with dishonored houses saw this as an opportunity to correct the mistakes of their ancestors. Gowron began to loose control and a epic civil war engulfed the empire between many houses within the empire. Gowron realizing the mistake he had made tried to locate were the time traveling strangers had gone and found them on voyager. Knowing it was only a matter of time before he was overthrown, and looses control of the USS Relativity he takes his body guards and transports to voyager, taking as much information about the distorted timeline as possible and disabling the ship as best they could. He reluctantly pleas for help from the players, in fixing the timeline his screwed up.

Gowrons plan to restore order – Gowron after the embarrassing plea for help, he out lines a plan that may have the only chance of bringing order to the empire. The sword of Kahless which is revered as a symbol to all Klingon’s that could unite them. The Players, Voyager crew, Braxton’s crew, and the Tribble Hunter Klingon warriors must locate the sword to bring order to the empire.

Episode Reference – The Sword of Kahless, Deepspace 9 season 4 episode 8

Player Goals,

  1. Work with the Voyager crew to set up a new time traveling base of operations.
  2. Work with Gowron to find The Sword of Kahless, (the sword may have some side effects on Klingon characters)
  3. Use the sword to unite the Klingon Empire and defeat any house that opposes the sword (Duras most likely)
  4. Repair the timeline

Gowron learns the hard way that altering time is a dangerous game, and agrees to set things right, and vows to never speak of the time traveling ship for fear of what it might spark among his people again. Also he decides The Sword of Kahless was to powerful an artifact to hold on to so they seal it away in a false room inside an asteroid, leading a Hurk bread crumb trail back to it so the right person may find it one day and unite the people once again.

But still bitter about the federation’s involvement in time and being advised by his general, after the timeline has been corrected, he starts his campaign against Cardassia.

Episode Reference – The Way of the Warrior Season 4 Episode 1 and 2