John Carter -> Conan conversion questions

Some stupid questions:

  1. Are you sure that the highest of the two John Carter attributes determine the Conan skill bonus? I ask because using the highest attribute always leads to characters with most skills having skill boni of 3 or more.
  2. According to the Skill Bonus Table every character starts with the equivalent of Expertise and Focus 1 in every skill except Alchemy and Sorcery. Are you sure that this table is correct?
  3. Are you also sure that the Conan attributes Awareness and Coordination are based on the same two John Carter attributes?
  4. The total of attributes of normal Conan characters is atleast 62. Shouldn’t this (and not 61) also be the lower limit for attribute total of converted characters?
  5. It makes sense that new characters are limited to two skills with boni above 2, but shouldn’t more experienced characters be allowed to have more skills with higher skill boni?