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Is there quick-start for Kult: Divinity Lost?

I recently learned about the existence of this Kult: Divinity Lost game. Looks quite weird and different from the rest, therefore subject to my interest.

Quick-start books got me into Coriolis and Conan, is such available for this edition of Kult?

There is a Quickstart that was made available to backers. It may get released to general public when the full game gets released (ie when the backers get their physical copies delivered and their pledges fulfilled).

As a backer, I think it would be a good idea to make the quickstart available earlier however, and for free. Maybe you should send a message to Modiphius and/or Helmgast to get it put on drivethrurpg?

Helmgast, are they the one that worked on the old versions of Kult? Modiphius acts as distributor for the printed products, similar to the Vampire 5th edition?

No, Helmgast is responsible for the new edition only. The first english edition was by Metropolis/ Target Games (I think the second was distributed by them also). The third edition was published in french and english by 7émeCercle.

I see… quite a history behind this game. This fresh edition sounds like a good time to start and see if it will fit me. I play Call of Cthulhu and have played Vampires in my youth.

Will lurk around and see what comes out of it :slight_smile:

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Also, although there is really no quickstart for the new version (like the ones Modiphius usually provides), in the game’s Facebook page you can download an earlier version of the rules. It has little or no information about the setting, but it might help you anyway: