Is the a good overview of the lands?

So far I have really liked Conan. I grew up with the Conan movies and I have listened to the three audio books of REH published stories. I have a very port memory retention with I read books and to top it off I am a pretty slow reader. So my problem is I am the GM, and I don’t know much of the details for the world. I am keep the players in the areas I know better, but my games are a bit flat because most all the NPC are from where the players are from. I know I can make stuff up which I do but we do use the world map to tack where things happen and I want to be a bit more true to conan. So here is my question is there a document that an over view of the countries. List stuff like their main gods, traits and type of culture? I am working on it myself but thought before I seemed the time read and find the info some else may have done it. I know the rule book has a list of who the countries are like compared to our countries. It would be awesome if there was youtube video. I have found some like this one they are good but based more on history focused but I loved them.

so is there a good GM Kickstarter or bullet point over view of the lands?

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Most of the books have a section on the worlds they cover. Core has a large world overview.

Beyond that nothing wrong with making stuff up for your world. Keep in mind Howard modeled his places on real world analogues.

Best online source including pastiche is are

Mongoose made a lot of supplements as well. If you are from the Kickstarter you should have access to those. Pastiche included but some good reference stuff to flesh out the world.

I asked a similar question a while back. The core book has an overview but it’s not very detailed which is the problem I had. I didn’t know how to present the areas as the visual aids that do exist (movies, comics, art, etc.) don’t really show them off because the action takes center stage, as it should.

But as ogedei stated there are plenty of resources out there and his recommendations are solid. Unfortunately no matter which way you turn it, running a game requires a lot of reading and sometimes a lot of research. Do it at your own pace and only work more stuff in once you have a grasp of the source material and feel comfortable doing so. Just talk with your players and let them know that you are doing your best and they will see more of the world as you learn more about it.

Final piece of advice - take it one step at a time. Pick a region, read up on it, search the various wikis (the Age of Conan MMO wiki has a decent one too) and then run some adventures in that region.

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I love the core book overview because it compares the lands to real-world locations and times.