Info about translations

@Modiphius-Juan We are at 48h to finish the campaign, and we don’t know anything yet about the translations.
If I back now, I will get the game completely in English with the discounts and exclusives (let’s s say £140 for the Gameplay tier as it is), if I wait to any pre order in Spain, and I buy the Gameplay tier, I would pay exactly the same price with the same exclusives from that partner, would not?
But the campaign is going to finish and I don’t know if any spanish version is going to exist (I could translate the game in the worst case :sweat_smile: I have already translated the Elder Scrolls CtA rulebook, using he original rulebook format and the spanish videogame nomenclature, and I am now with the Quest book), so if I wait to a possible spanish version, maybe I lost the discounts and exclusives… but if I back the game, I would regret after seeing an spanish releasing… :thinking:?
Why not selling an spanish version in Spain?? This game needs a translation if you really want to enjoy it.

Hey DK-Dark

If you pledge now you will get the game in English.

We are working on translation into 12 languages at the moment, but we don’t have the deals finalised. We couldn’t include those translations in the Gamefound Campaign until the deals are done, and the translations may take a long time to complete, so it would have delayed the whole campaign for maybe 1 or 2 years.

BUT when we do have a translation we will be making EVERYTING available to the translator for their pre-order - including all of the Legendary cards and Gamefound Exclusives. So, if/when we get a Spanish deal lined up there is no risk that the translator won’t be able to offer the same exclusives in their pre-order as we have for the English version.

There is a small risk that we can’t arrange an acceptable deal for the Spanish translation, but I would expect we will know that before the pledge manager closes. So in case we can’t work out a deal you could put in a £1 pledge now and then later upgrade to a higher pledge level in English if the Spanish translation deal fails.

So the risk would be losing one pound if the game comes out in spanish, or getting the game in english… no problem at all.
What about the price? Would it be the same on the spanish pre-order (if you have a deal)?
If you don’t have a deal, any chance you could “get” he spanish translation and you make the game in spanish? :thinking:


do we have any informations about the french version ?

See you.