Influential Federation Species

After Humans and Vulcans, (and probably Andorians and Tellarites), what are the more prevalent and/or influence and/or numerous species in the Federation? Bolians seem to crop up a lot . . .

Bolians are amicable, self effacing, willing to compromise, and are basically very hyper-pro-social. That’s going to be making them advisors to everyone.

We know an Efrosian was president (we see him onscreen, ST VI). As was a Grazerite.

I’d say Medusans, being a danger to humanoids, must be really important to Fed sciences to actually have a role as seen in TOS Is There In Truth No Beauty?

I’d throw in Trills and Betazoids. The former for their experience and the latter for their Diplomatic prowess.

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suprised no one mentioned denobulians. they weren’t a founding member but were certainly involved pretty early, I imagine they’ve some influence.