Impact of "Second Home" talent to homeland-related talents

Yesterday during the characters downtime an interesting question came up. It is related to the Second Home talent from Conan the Mercenary book:

​You have many places you call home, and can benefit from all of them. Every time Second Home is purchased, you gain a new Homeland and all the benefits of that Homeland, including language.​

So you get the talent and languages associated with the new homeland. Some talents work only in your homeland. When you have more than one homeland:

  1. Does a talent that works in your homeland now is in effect for all your homelands?
  2. Talent is in effect only for the homeland that provided it.

I ruled option 1 - Talent that works in homeland now works for all of your homelands. For me it makes sense due to the XP investment to reach Second Home in the Veteran tree and common sense - if you are skilled hunter in one environment, nothing except learning and practice prevents you to use your skills in another environment. Many skills are “convertible” and in the system this effort is represented by spending XP for the talent.

How do you approach this? Have you ruled differently and why?

No one has taken it in my games, but I’d rule exactly like you did. It makes the most sense and is a fair reward for the XP investment

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