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Ideas for a generic 2D20

While there is a generic version of 2D20 being considered somewhere in the future I entertain the thought of brainstorming on a skeletal structure how it could look like in the meantime.

There would be 3 main points to consider:

  • Character creation (including equipment)
  • Vehicle rules
  • Magic/Psi/Superpowers rules

On Character creation: which attributes/skills and levels of “streamlining” should be considered?
Personally I am a big fan of both Conan and Infinity. The 7 attributes literally fit in every setting as do most assigned skills. Maybe the talent trees are the part most prone to be adapted to the respective setting.
But I claim I could just take Conan 2D20 and could play literally every fantasy/ancient times setting sans the magic. If it’s Lord of the Rings or Games of Thrones. Or the casual D&D dungeon crawl.
Similar with Infinity.

On Magic/Psi/Superpowers: A modular approach would be the most versatile, having a couple of “base” spells in form of talents, like for instance a “Combat spell” which does base damage in relation the respective attribute, maybe willpower for a divine approach and Intelligence for the wizardly type and personality for the bardic type. Additional talents could then boost the spell.

Happy for every contribution to this topic. Maybe this could encourage Modiphiüs to show some love for a generic 2D20. :blush: