HtH Opposed Roll Question

do you remember which episode Shield of Tomorrow?


What thee are about to see comes down from the time of the beginning, without change. This is the Star Trek heart. This is the Star Trek soul.


Unfortunately, no. But it was one of the last episodes. There was fanart on Twitter, dated 7th June 2018, that dealt with the fight. So it was probably 3.22 (Insights). I recall that the rage hat something to do with an orb-induced vision, this would fit within the story of SoT at those episodes. But I cannot nail it down, further, sorry.

But, the whole show is very enriching to watch and Eric Campbell is one hell of a GM even experienced GMs can learn a lot from. So I recommend to just watch the show from the first episode; the fight will come eventually. :slight_smile:

The Conan game includes a little section that covers PvP interactions. There it says that in PvP, players cannot use Momentum from the group pool nor can they add Momentum to it.

To decide which player begins, each bid Threat (secretly). The player with the highest amount wins and that amount of Threat is added to the Threat pool. Ties are resolved by rolling a d20.