Question about Melee/Opposed Task

I’m a little foggy on one aspect of melee fighting and I hope people can clear it up for me…

So the player rolls for Daring + Security and succeeds.

Then the target rolls Daring + Security (Opposed Task) and also succeeds.

What is the outcome of that exchange? Do they both take damage? Does neither?


This is a contested roll and is outlined on page 82 of the CRB.

If both succeed you subtract the momentum generated from each other. If one party is left with momentum they win. In melee this means they can deal damage or use a melee combat maneuver.

If both succeed and after subtracting momentum it is a tie, the active party (attacker) wins.

If both fail, the defending party wins but doesn’t get a benefit. (They successfully dodged but does not counter attack)


One small reminder that Stephen glosses over (not misses, just doesn’t emphasize)…

The difficulty can be different between the two due to traits and spends; remember that it’s the higher momentum, not the higher roll, that wins.