How many Free Actions can a combatant use in a Turn?

The book says in various places, “one”, “as many as reasonable” and “any number”.

What makes sense for your pacing. There’s only a handful of Free Actions anyway.


The majority of Free Action references are about “any number”.

The weird thing is, that there is a statement, that you can exchange a Minor Action for “any number of Free Actions”, although you can perform any number of Free Actions already - without having to give up your Minor Action.

Free actions are not that numerous, there is the limitation that you can perform a single type of Free Action only once per turn, so you would not repeat the same Free Action several times over anyway.

That means, out of the handful of Free Actions available, you can perform as many as is plausible.
Adjust Stance, Drop Item, Drop Prone, Simple Task (no Skill test rolled), Speak.
That is all for typical Free Actions. Under some circumstances (like having someone grappled or so) the Exploit Action might become a Free Action, too.

I haven’t found any problem related to Free Actions in the Conan 2d20 rules. - The main thing to remember is: if you have to make a dice roll for a Skill test, it NEVER is a Free Action.

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