Conan the Pirate: Ship to Ship Combat

Questions on Ship to Ship combat!

The rules state that each crewmember gets a single action in a ships turn.
ie Helmsman, Commander, Lookout etc.

Action types are then broken down into Minor Actions and Standard Actions.
In a standard turn a player would get a Free, Minor and a Standard, + the ability to react, but the line saying each position only gets a single action, seems to make the idea of Minor and Standard actions moot.

The only minor action listed is in the Helmsman listing. There is a note that “PONDEROUS” ships can not use the Minor Move action. This seems to be a possible reason to show them as Standard vs Minor, but it seems like a lot of extra action definitions to handle a single ship quality.

If it actually works like a normal Minor Action, then the Helmsman should be able to still complete a Standard Action, but of course there is no other Standard Action they can do, as they are all movement actions.

I am also making the assumption that a ship may choose to react and pay the appropriate doom cost to do so in addition to the single action each of it’s positions have. ie the Helmsman could move AND react to incoming fire.

Question 1: Why do we have Standard vs Minor actions in ship Combat?
Question 2: Can ships move and react in the same turn (ie are reactions like reactions in normal combat, I am assuming yes)

Thanks in advance!