How long does the added Resistance from the Recover Task last?

According to p173 of the CRB, success at a Recover task during combat allows the Character to gain one additional Resistance for each Effect rolled on Cover Dice (among other benefits). How long is that effect supposed to last? I would think it lasts until the Character’s next Turn, but the rules don’t seem to explicitly say so. Thoughts?

I’d concur with ending the effect at the beginning of the character’s next turn. With the exception of the Guard task, all Tasks described in said section are immediate effects without a duration. I’d say it’s an unplanned omission that the explicit duration (until next turn, like with Guard) of the improved cover due to the Recover task is not mentioned.

Yet, you could also rule that passing upholds this effect without having to roll the Recover task again (In this case, you might want to check out this thread on the Pass task).

Allowing the benefit of the cover for as long as the character remains under/behind this specific cover seems also a valid option on (house)ruling this, yet I’d propose to make the character create an advantage for this, first (something like “covered shooting position” should do the job). The omission of a specified duration while tying the benefit explicity to Cover dice could be seen as indicating that this is some kind of “improved” use of cover present, so it might stick around.

Good catch!