Horse Stowage Includes Riders?

Does the stowage limit on the various mounts include a rider? (Brawn x 2 Encumbrance page 136)
It would seem the stowage listed is in excess in addition to a rider as some of the stowage limits are so low as to preclude carrying even smallish riders. If this is the case, and I tend to believe it is, then do we add a average Brawn 8 x 2 = 16 stowage to any of the mounts if they are used as pack animals only, without a rider?

I am not including the rider in the Stowage and depending on what they try to carry with the mounts I might not allow a rider as there is simply no place to ride :slight_smile:

Also, in general I don’t think the Stowage includes the riders or passengers, otherwise the Ships listed in the Conan the Pirate will be quite useless for trade :smiley:

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