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Home made terrain

While waiting for the game to be released, I started working on some terrain and was wondering if anyone else was doing the same.
Im starting with buildings that are common across Skyrim.
The main structure is now built and I now need to work on the base and paint


That’s amazing looking!

I went ahead and made some walls and gates to be used in the “Hold the Gate” Scenario myself.


Amazing work both of you. These are really impressive terrain pieces.

These are both awesome!! I made a dice tray and I am just getting into the hobby so not much else…yet. Hahaha. Keep up the good work! It helps give me ideas for later.

What did you use for the thatched roof may I ask? :slight_smile:

I cut a strip of cardboard and wrapped twine around it. Then used a glue gun to put a line of glue along both sides and cut along the top and bottom to give 2 strips of twine. Each piece of twine was carefully pulled apart and the strips were glued onto the roof. PVA glue was then brushed over it.

It did take a lot of work but I think it worked out well.


Yeah it was definitely worth it!

These are seriously amazing. Great work - you even nailed the detail on the side of the building and ridge pole. Nice work!

I made this one, while waiting for my order to arrive.


That looks awesome! I love the interwoven strips on the fence

Finally finished. I was worried about the models not fitting the scale but I think it’s worked out well.


Very nice indeed. Well done!

It looks great! I love the little details, like the piles of logs at the back

Looks very cool. :ok_hand:
How many hours did you spend on one asset and create others?