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Holodeck Player Characters

Do any on you sometimes want to take a break from the regular campaign and just want to play a nice holodeck adventure? Stepping into the shoes of Dixon Hill and cleaning up the streets for a change? But how would you even create such a character? The default STA disciplines seemed not to fit well when I was creating holodeck characters for my crew. They are focused on space and science and lack something to create a real scoundrel. So I have developed a new system which replaces the disciplines with literary archetypes.

The companion book provides rules and pre-made holodeck characters which are designed in a “plug & play” fashion, so that any PC can play them.

Also, if you want to use magic in your holodeck setting, that’s covered as well.

So if you are interested, please check it out. As always, feedback of any kind is most welcome.

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“Scream before reveal any secrets” – haha that one so made my day! :joy: :rofl:

I love the detail you put into this and that you thought about magic. Also the new disciplines are quite cool. Yet, this seems rather intricate and might be (depending on the players) a bit too much the effort for only one holodeck adventure.

Thus, just as an addition: In case it has to go really fast, just

  1. pick a name for your holodeck character, set it as a (temporary) personal trait,
  2. pick a value to represent this characters dramatic core,
  3. (as a group) pick a directive for the adventure,
  4. set the “Holodeck safety guards active” and “It’s all just a game!” situational traits.

This will supply the players with some additional “resources” for their adventure on the holodeck.

Trait: Holodeck saftey guards active
This trait will prevent any (lasting) physical damage by or through holo-generated objects, including lethal injuries. Characters still can suffer nonlethal injuries and go unconscious as well as lethal injuries when attacked by or with physical objects.

Trait: It’s all just a game!
The holodeck will support the character in certain acts that are in tune with the character they portrait and the story. The difficulty of tests revolving around physical and social interactions with holo-generated terrain and/or characters is reduced by 1.
Further, if calling to the holodeck adventure’s directive or the holo-character’s value, you can spend a point of determination, even if you don’t have one. However, doing so costs you 2 Threat, awarded to the GM.

This will give the players a mechanical link to their character and the story and set a lot of tests to difficulty 1 or even 0, leaving all the real stuff to the player characters and not their roles, keeping their attributes/disciplines. Essentially, while simply playing, they will have a great boost of capabilities like you would expect in a holodeck adventure but stay themselves when stuff gets real.

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Using Traits for something is rarely a bad idea. They give you the flexibility to essentially do anything you want. And for some quick holodeck interaction, your approach is great!

My approach is intended for GMs that really want to flesh out their holodeck characters. And it is quite nice to have holodeck characters that are so totally different from the PCs.

The crew of our campaign plays a recurring wild west holodeck novel series where I have characters for them. I like to print those characters out and give them to the players where they choose the one they like. It’s certainly more work for the GM but at the same time much more immersive. But as you said, that’s only really feasible if the crew and GM are into this.