Group Tests and Talents

Something I’d like clarified regarding Group/Teamwork Tests, is if Talents are also included in the statement of “…using their own attributes and skills to determine if any successes are scored.”? the description of Talents within the section of their rules is “Talents are a further specialisation in a particular skill.” Some Talents, such as Emergency Doctor within Medicine, are explicitly said to be used in Group Tests in their descriptions, but are any other Talents, such as the re-rolls, also usable? I’m also assuming that Difficulty reducing Talents are off the table as well. @Modiphius-Nathan your input would help a lot.

Any talent that specifically states it can be used in group tests/when assisting are allowed, as are any which grant re-rolls (though you’ve obviously only got a single die to reroll). Talents which affect the difficulty of a test, allow extra dice to be rolled, or grant bonus Momentum only apply if the person making the test has the talent - assistants’ talents don’t apply here, as they’re not the ones making the test.

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Another clarification I’d like as well is for the Survival Talent, Scrounger. The text says “The character may reduce the Restriction rating of any item by one per rank of Scrounger, to a minimum of 1.” I assume this only applies if the character is making an Acquisition test only, and thanks to your previous statement, cannot be used as part of a Group Test if an Assistant.

Yes, it specifically replies to Acquisition tests only, though I’m not sure how much a difference that makes. There probably are reasons to roll against restriction rating outside of Acquisition tests, but I can’t think of any right now.

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I was more meaning to question if that the Character with Scrounger can only use it when they are making an Acquisition Test, not simply state that they are using Scrounger to reduce Restriction for somebody while not being an Assistant or otherwise, but what you brought up is certainly interesting.