Gravimetric Distiortions in the Shackleton Expanse

Without spoilers, can someone tell me if the gravimetric distortions are static and can be mapped? I’m just starting the Living Campaign with the scenario out of the starter set. My players will be discovering new systems and space phenomena and mapping them as part of their exploration and discovery mission.

Everything in the universe is in constant motion, so the disturbances can’t be perfectly mapped, though dense sections certainly can be. Mapping missions would be a regular occurrence from Narendra Station, for sure.

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Yes and no. You are the GM so you can pretty much make up whatever you need to tell the story. So disturbances can move, or can be stable, whichever you need. Gravimetric disturbances (Itself a technobabble word) can be mapped, if your story includes a need to do so. In the interest of internal consistency, make certain you have made this call and remember it the next time it comes up.

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Actually, gravimetric disturbances could theoretically occur and gravimetric is a real word. Regardless, I made a house rule for using gravimetric disturbances, if present, in STA:

  1. Choose ( or roll a d3) a magnitude of the disturbance-
    a] low - conn difficulty +1
    b] moderate - conn difficulty +2 (standard)
    c] severe - conn difficulty +3

  2. Choose constant or fluctuating magnitude.
    If constant, just apply the difficulty from above for all tasks which may be affected each turn.

If fluctuating, roll a d3 each turn to determine magnitude.

  1. Determine effect of gravimetric disturbance on ship if a task is failed:

Roll to see if ship is displaced:
Magnitude 1: Ship displaces 1 zone on a d6 roll of 5-6. Direction = d6 roll using 1 as the direction ship is facing, 2-6 going clockwise from that direction ( hex map is ideal for zones )

Magnitude 2: ship displaces 2 zones on a d6 roll of 4-6. Direction determined as above.

Magnitude 3: ship displaces 3 zones on a d6 roll of 3-6. Direction determined as above.

My take is that this will add more maneuvering challenges in areas where gravimetric disturbances are present.