Ghostly Slave npc - gms only

In Pirate, p65, the npc Ghostly Slave is mentioned to have a Special Ability of “Mindless”, but i wanted to confirm that Brain-dead was meant, probably, as there is no “Mindless” SA.

Brain-dead is defined as “The creature is an unintelligent being, driven purely by instinct. It will mindlessly move towards and attack the nearest living creature with any weapons it possesses. If it cannot see or hear a living creature, it will move towards the nearest source of bright light or loud noise, or otherwise move around randomly if no such source exists. A Braindead creature cannot attempt Reactions. The creature is immune to any mind-influencing effect, and cannot suffer mental damage.”

“Mindless” is also referenced in Horrors of the Hyborean Age.
But it is never defined.

Many Conan source books apparently have been written without referencing the final Conan core rules. Their developers must have been using previous, out-dated versions of the Conan core rules, and maybe “Braindead” was once called “Mindless”? But that would be weird, as even in Mutant Chronicles this Special Ability was called “Braindead”.

After some searching, I found something odd: In Infinity RPG, this NPC ability is actually called Mindless.

Mindless: The character is an unintelligent being, driven purely by instinct. Mindless creatures cannot attempt Reactions, are immune to any mind-influencing effects, and cannot suffer mental damage.

How did some Infinity stuff end up in Conan? (Although in Infinity source books some Conan stuff ended up: Infinity does not have the “Insight” skill, it uses “Psychology” for that, but in the ALEPH source book there are several references to an “Insight” skill.)

In some books the developers didn’t get that “Willpower” is no longer a Skill as it is in Mutant Chronicles, but the name of an Attribute, the Skill is called “Discipline”. So you find a lot of references to “Willpower tests”.

Conan (and the sourcebooks) could really benefit from a 2nd Edition, between glaring errors and a refinement of the 2d20 mechanics over time. I know it’s likely not in the cards but if they announced it I’d start saving my pennies right away :slight_smile: