Fury of Elements variants and stuff

Hi all,

our party just started to play with this system and so far we like it but we are still learning.

One of our player made a Shaman and got Fury of Elements. Now the question is, what if he wants to manipulate elements other than earth, like the good old fire?
Mechanically we suppose he needs to get some new effects with the approval of the master, but he needs to learn every “element” as a new spell or not?

To be honest, being able to manipulate many elements with a single spell learned can be a bit too strong, or is it how is supposed to be?

Other than that, there are some suggestions for new effect or variant of the existing spells? I didn’t find on the forum.

Thank you for the help and sorry for my english.

Fury of the Elements is specifically used to control the earth. Even though the name implies that this spell can be used for a high fantasy elementalist by learning other elements, it’s just earth.

If the player wants to play an elementalist (or Warcraft shaman), you would need to learn another spell that causes or controls fire. The Dismember spell is pretty neutral from its description and could work well as a fire spell.

Alternatively, there is also nothing wrong in coming up with custom Momentum spends for Fury of the Elements. Manipulating the earth so that there is a small volcanic eruption would be totally feasible.

I’d say to maintain the feel of magic, I would go about it that each element have it’s own spell to be learned. Each with their own distinct effects, though keeping Cease the Call as the foundation of each.

That seems thematically correct. Venom on the Wind already lets you control weather. So now you have two spells that control Earth and Wind (and some forms of water).