Forged in fire scenario kidnapped

Maybe i am to dumb but i am really confused how the spouse work. So the kidnapper force can move him with a model in base contact while it is bounded. But does this already count as carrrying? Or can a model from the kidnapper force pick him up and use two actions to move?


The Kidnappers can move the Spouse whilst it is bound, yes.

Carrying is when a model spends an action for themselves and the Bound Spouse to move Orange.

A model wouldn’t be able to pick them up and Move twice in the same turn, as this would cost three Actions. The scenario rules, as far as I can see, also don’t stipulate that the Spouse can move by anything other than the action described in Bound Spouse and by passing them. So the Spouse would not be moving during Move Actions - you would need to create a chain of models and have the Spouse passed between them.

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Thanks a lot. That was what i understood. The carrying part confused me the most…