#FalloutFriday - November 2020. Post your pictured here

Anyone taking part in #FalloutFriday, please do share your efforts here so I can check them out.



Hi Jon!

I did a Halloween themed version of #FalloutFriday.
The post with links to my Youtube tutorials and battlereport is here:

Have a nice weekend!


I’ve posted a new battle report here, a robot footrace inspired by one of the coolest locations from Fallout 4!

And I’ve also posted all of my latest painted stuff from the past two months to the forums here, if that counts:

Happy Fallout Friday!


Unfortunately all my picture are on my Instagram page. I’ll post a link if people want.

Edit. Here’s the link. If it’s not cool to post I’ll remove.



This Friday I painted some scatter terrain and objective markers.


So far, I haven’t played The Undiscovered Vault this month and I have no picture for what I DID do in anticipation of running a demo, but I printed two sets of Reference Sheets from the Vault Dweller fb group in index card stock on one sheet so they’re more substantial and I can use a clear sheet protector to keep them in good condition. I did the same with the Undiscovered Vault scenario, index card stock, double sided, sheet protector. I might have them laminated, but the holes in the sheet protector allow me to put them in a 3 hole binder with the other scenarios.
After I get my Wave 1 Fundamental deck, I’m going to make a dedicated card pack for the demo scenario and I’m going to have an old fasihoned red toolbox to transport the magnetized miniatures in for demos.
I’ve got an antique metal toolbox in my old shop from my grandfather. This week I’m going to degrease it, take off the rust with naval jelly or vinegar, and touch up the paint and decorate it with Fallout themed stickers.