#FalloutFriday - December 2020. Post your pictured here

This is the place to share your final efforts for #FalloutFriday for December.

We will be assessing your submissions as of the 11th December, so you have a week and a bit to get ready.

Thanks all.


I’m not sure if single minis are allowed or if they have to be related to the scenario, but if they are then I’d like to submit my Vim! T51 (finished on the 1/12/20) :slight_smile:



I painted up this guy today :slight_smile:


Its #FalloutFriday this Friday (11th December) so don’t forget to share all the hobby, terrain and gaming you’ve enjoyed this month using the Vestiges Resurgent scenario.

Still time so get cracking folks.


Finishing my enclave force to reclaim what was lost.


The Brotherhood has found out through a “discussion” with a captured Enclave solider that they are preparing to go to New Lexington to reclaim the plans for power armour mods that had been approved for production right before the Nuke’s fell.

For the Brotherhood, the mission is simple 1) kill or capture the scientist and officer 2) get into base to base contact with no enclave solider within charge range and search their bodys.

For the Enclave, the officer and scientist need to search for the numbered tokens and perform a search action (lockpick or hack) and hack the computer on the second floor of the Chambers building in what used to be downtown New Lexington. The Enclave soldiers had an objective of providing close support of the officer and scientist (with charge distance).

In the end it was hard fought but inconclusive battle as the Enclave only recovered some of the information and the Brotherhood was able to kill the scientist and officer they never got to search them.



It’s #FalloutFriday folks.

This month’s releases will be dropping later along with the next scenario for January’s day, but in the meanwhile, feel free to share and tag all your efforts for the Vestiges Resurgent (part 1) and I may reward anything that catches my eye with some store credit.