Fallout condition tracking sheet

I made this simple sheet to track conditions in the game.

Condition tracking sheet


Nicely done!

You might make some standard coin sized circles the player can move a counter between to show their current state, but otherwise this is brilliant (and should have been in the game docs already!)

In our game, since we play online, we use a google sheet for tracking hunger and thirst.


I considered adding some spots to mark the tracks, but decided on using different colored paper clips and just slide them up and down. It saved on space on an already cluttered sheet.

Someone at the Fallout2d20 discord made the sheet form fillable.


Where’s the Fallout 2d20 Discord? Is this the one set up by ELH?

Yes, it’s the one set up by ELH

Building on @Grendel’s sheet status tracker - I made a slightly fancier one. Works only as an excel sheet atm. (VBS that doesnt transition to google sheets). Will work on it some more


Essentially has the Vault Boy to use as a Limb Condition tracker for each player (only 4 atm) and a drop down menu for Hunger/thirst/sleep/disease

Ideas/improvements welcome. enjoy


Hmmm it’s really some good work !
Could you please share your VBA ?
Because it’s isn’t loading on LibreOffice/OpenOffice and I’ll have to translate it to Basic unfortunately :-(.

I’ll see what i can do. Its not my personal scripting. But what is used in its “inderect” formula. Allows me to call the image that is in the cell.

Very nicely done!