Extended Tasks how do they go?

Just curious how a extended task flows. After determining the number of successes the PC needs also say the pc needs to make it in three rolls to complete the extended task how does it go? Does the pc make those 3 rolls right away? Or does the pc make one roll, then bad guy goes next, then back to PC for 2nd roll?

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Generally, Extended tests arn’t opposed, if they are they should be opposed tests in that case.
If we’re talking conflict, you get your go to make a roll to add to your requirement and either do so, make some of the requirement or just fail, then pass on the initiative and hope you complete the test next action.

Extended tests are designed to work with time, either determining how long something takes or seeing if you can do something in a set time.

Generally, unless you are in a sequence of actions with other NPCs you can roll one test after another. But if other people are doing other things they should have a turn each round too.

So, if there is no limit to the tests you can make, you keep rolling until you have gained the requirement, noting how many rolls it takes. This tells you how long it took, and the more rolls the more complications you might have gained.

If there is a limit to the amount of rolls you can make, you only have that many to make the requirement. If you run out of rolls before making the requirement you have failed the test.


I usually don’t have all rolls all at once. I like to use ETs for narrative flair kind of like a movie set piece. Like a tunnel collapsing and each test is closer to escape, or dodging falling rocks or whatever.

For conflict it’s similar but I just follow initiative order as written in the conflict rules.

I’m no rules expert but that’s how I’ve been rolling and it’s been a blast. Hope this helps even a tiny bit lol.

Sounds good, and at the end of the day if it’s working and you are enjoying it that how it should be played :slight_smile:

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