Extended Task Helper

In our games, Extended Work has always been a bit of a mystery to most of the players. In trying to explain it better, I decided to make a way to interactively build out what you need for an Extended Task.

Here’s the result. Maybe you can find it useful as well.

Make sure you pick one of the 3 options before you get going. Also, if you’re using intervals, check the number of intervals used in each attempt before putting in the work done. I could probably make that so it doesn’t matter but, well… I didn’t. :slight_smile:

I’m a novice coder so I’m sure there are some things that need to be fixed or changed, but I’d love to get any feedback you might have. Hopefully it can help some of you at the table if you need a quick extended task in your sessions.


Looks good. There’s only one element I think that’s missing: the possibility for an attempt to use more than 2 intervals (normally a result of suffering complications on the roll).

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Ahhhh good point. Would it be enough to simply add one more Interval box to each attempt? That should be fairly easy if so.

I went ahead and made the change. I don’t think it messes with the layout too much. I need more testing on mobile to really see if it all fits.

By request, added a field to give a name to each Extended Task to help keep track of multiple open windows.