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Experience rewad clarification

Hello, I have a simple question. It may seem dumb but English is not my first language.
In chapter 6 about XP rewards, the manual says that the players may receive 300-500 XP for a 4-hour session.
Are those experience points assigned to each player or to the group?
So for example if I have 4 player and award 400 xp does each player gains 100 xp or 400 xp?

Per player. - Rule of thumb: about 100 XP per player per hour played.

If you want your players to have a slower rise in competency, you could award less, but I wouldn’t recommend going below half that amount (which is the way Conan 2d20 does it), as this quickly becomes a bit frustrating for the players considering the cost of raising Skills, buying Talents or even raising Attributes.

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