ES:CTA dice shown on Facebook

Jon posted a pic of the dice on the FB group:

Not sure if it’s the complete set or not, but if so raises some interesting possibilities (for starters, likely no armour dice, unless that is what the green one is and it works very differently from F:WW).


they look glorious

Those look nice.
I think the helmet might represent stamina. We know there is going to be resource management for attributes like magika and stamina. Looking at the black dice there is an oblivion symbol and a helmet symbol. I’m guessing that the black dice might be a way to regen those resources. I don’t have any idea what the crossed swords do. The potion bottle is probably an action point.

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Interesting. I wonder if it has the black one with the oblivion symbol has to do with a magic effect?

They look very appealing in terms of the colours and the symbols are impressive. I’m still a bit wary about using six-sided dice, but it depends on how they are going to be used and how many different results there are on them, so I will reserve judgement.

May we’ll have been picked up by other articles etc but played this last week at Dragonmeet so can shed some light here.

The symbols (such as the Oblivion Gate, Crossed Swords, and Dragonborn Helmet) can be spent to trigger extra abilities on the roll (such as damage that can’t be blocked etc)

Defence is done using the same colour die as the armour you’re wearing - light armour uses the yellow dice, for example. I found it much easier to get my head around than Fallout.

Dice order is Black being the best, red is average, yellow not so good. Green is accuracy dice. White is the skill dice.

The potion bottle didn’t come up in our game, and I think replenishes Stamina or Magicka but could well be wrong there.


Thanks! I actually figured this out during a demo and discussion at Essen, (see: Photo from Essen) but neglected to come back and update this post.

I did manage to copy down every face on every die, but unfortunately my phone with that info died and I don’t think I ever posted the full list before then.