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Editorial help needed

This is what I have so far. I wanted to share now so that you all might see a different direction to take this than I do and so potential hazards and plot holes can be pointed out. The idea is for the opening mission/adventure to start with the acceptance of a new Federation member and the subsequent campaign to involve exploring space in the vicinity of said new member. Complications arise in the opener based around the Prime Directive theme. I have the adventure event outline and unstatted NPC’s thought out in my head, but I would rather make any changes now, before I write any more. The link is for: a video and an image view of the sector of space to the galactic south of Omnicron Ceti on the edge of Federation space, the 2D map of said space as seen from the same vantage, the multiple star system map that the opener is based, the html report of said system, and an html on a terrorist faction that plays the antagonist in the opener.
Thanks all.