Dune campaign dilemma

So my curent Dune game has come to a natural conclusion.

I am now in a dilemma as to where to take it.

I have 3 options that I can see:

  • Continue the game from the same point (replacing the one character that died)
  • Do a time skip of a couple of years/generations
  • Mark the campaign up as ending on a high and run another game bedore returning to Dune afresh

Due to player actions the game ended differently to how I expected (nothing new there) so I was thrown for a bit.
I’ve got some ideas of how to continue from the current position, but I have the fear that any direct continuation wont match up the success already achieved.
In this i speak from personal experience.

The time skip is tempting. It will allow the players to dictate what their characters get up afterwards and any new game will be sufficiently seperated from the curent one so that it won’t be directly comparable.

A new game (possibly playtesting Cohors Cthulhu) is also a possibility to give us a break.
Something that doesn’t require too much prep as i have been buried in additional work the last few months.

Any other suggestions from the hive mind?

I think that the rise and fall of the players house is one of a main interest of the setting.
Time skip is good, Spice can help with aging, Gholas also and a solution for dead ones (can lose some memories, and start as new player, recovering some with time. Can be played differently from the first one). For BG players they can have inherited memories
Since you asked for ideas a space travel went bad, they arrive in future, they have to regain their house head perhaps (because they were considered dead) they will be tested by BG. They can see the impact of what they have done.

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I find generational play to be extremely interesting with Dune. I think the concept of legacy is important in this universe.

Rebooting with a new generation allows you to begin “afresh”, but also to contain some of the DNA from the prior events.

One would hope that it would be fascinating for the players to see what happens between the generations… add a touchpoint or two, an important event in the middle of the time skip to set up the next story, especially if you want more of a restart/refreshed beginning.

How did the characters from the prior generation resolve their post-game conflicts? What did they succeed at and how did they fail? You could do some anonymous voting/poll of the players to determine the outcomes of these touchpoints (should you wish to preserve the illusion of democracy).

A refreshed Dune campaign is probably the best choice (because who wants to keep going with ideas that you thought had been settled?), but taking the refresh as a generational step away from the last campaign is what would make it more Dune-y, in my opinion.

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