Dune 2: The Next House

That is nice, who did that one?
I’d be happy to pass them on to our art director if its someone you know.

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@Forevermedhok (twitter & deviantart, checking on artstation)

I’ve commissioned a few things from them, but this is the best so far.
If Modiphius want to add them to their stable I think they would be up to the required level. :grinning:

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For those interested in more of the artists portfolio the below link is their Artstation account.


Carolyn, House Sindri’s Suk Doctor.

Calm & composed she is sworn to make sure no-one in her care comes to harm.
That won’t stop her from utilising a sedative if they won’t listen however…


I will behave and make no salacious comment.
I really liked to see your female doctor suk of House Sindri
No I haven’t failed…

OK. So I’ve discussed with my group and we are planning on jumping time on about 100 years. (Thanks @betatester & @iacta-alea-est for the comments, they really helped)

The player characters will all be dead by this point (Spice extends life but they are a Minor House so won’t have plentiful access, even the noble amongst them).
So we will be on new characters to shake things up a bit and we will have fun in our second session 0 collaboratively working out what has happened with their old characters and the House in the past century.

I’ve already sketched out a few ideas of what the other House Minors and the House Major are like on Cheruf (may change depending on player choices) and have a couple of plot lines, one of which may take the players to Arrakis so I can make use of Sand & Dust. I’m hoping to have Houses of the Landsraad as well so I can make use of it and see how my calculations have held up.

It will be post July before this starts back up due to holiday and some Ukraine charity related commitments but I will create a new thread and keep you updated on our campaign.

Slava Sindri :laughing:

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You’re going full Pendragon. Nice :slight_smile:

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The latest commission by ForeverMedhok of my party.

This time it is the Strategist Kaeo Vriani.
Well versed in all aspects of the military, Kaeo is being groomed to become House Sindri’s Warmaster one day. Woe betide anyone under her command who is not pulling their weight.


9 lettres: avoinerai (can’t use k) first person simple futur of avoiner verb in French = I will distribute punches .It seems expropriate
Nice drawing.
Be careful with razors or needle at the end of the hair (I’m sure there’s a weapon there) or she can use haïr like a garrote

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With a 100 years jump, even without spice, characters that were young enough might be still lingering around - today’s record is at 122 years old. With a space age medical technology available, i wouldn’t be too surprised to have that record moved to 150 or maye a bit more, which would make centenarians somthing quite routine. Of course, they’re likely to be well past their prime and retired. Especially for physcally demanding professions.

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I’m currently toying with the idea of starting the game at the funeral of Lord Carlos Sindri. Who will be around 120 at the age of his death, hasted some said by grief of the loss of his eldest daughter & her husband a few years previously.

At the end of the last game my players had manipulated things around so that Carlos became Lord at age 12, so it sort of open the new chapter by closing the old one.

I’m running with the idea that as House Sindri is a Minor House it can’t afford the generous spice intake that would seriously extend life. But a combination of some spice and advancement in medical technology allows people to be active longer.
The rough family tree I am drawing up has characters having children in their 50’s on average, with one player controlling the adult child of one of the original characters.
The new ruler will only be about 23 at the start of the game, so inexperienced and allowing me to set things up around the change in command.

As I work through the cast list for the House I may keep a few characters who will be elderly and retired. But they will be bit characters or plot points rather than anyone I am planning to make a major NPC out of.

We now have the third of the House Symbols from one of my players.
House Tethys, originally created by @evilnerf. Inspiration was spears and the sharp teeth of the Anglerfish from their sigil description.


That’s really cool. A family tree is a fine idea!

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With so much of the game being focussed on conflict within the family it was a really useful element to have.
I have expanded the family tree for next arc of the game, set about a century into the future. The link being through Carlos, who the players got positioned as the next Heir (with one of them as Regent for a bit).
This is currently a WIP, but it gives me the position of one of the PCs and a few key NPCs.

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The symbol of House Dahl. This one apparently was a pain as it is a Pentaflake and so required Jashyr to dig out her scientific calculator for the fractals.

House Dahl is a Nascent House, so new in fact that Chevallier Dahl was a commoner only a decade earlier. Her elevation to Noble status being due to their skill in creating Pentashields for high security areas. Something her House Major was keen to exploit.
How long House Dahl will survive remains to be seen…

Only House Karasu to go for the Symbols. 2 more characters and something very special up my sleeve. :smiling_imp:

Do the Dahl House exports chocolate, giant peaches and snozzcumbers ?

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My group defaulted to curries rather Roald but it does seem to have been the House name that has caused the most links.

House Karasu. Known for their fields upon fields of crops (and less well known for their intelligence service)

Season 2 will be starting soon. Unfortunately, before I have all the previous characters completed, but ah well.


I know for sure that their spies are trained at The Farm

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Link to Season 2 of the Campaign