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Dueling rules for two handed weapons

I just ran a duel for my players to get used to the combat system of Dune, and it got me and one player think about how would the guard zones look like/be affected is someone was wielding a two handed sword, i.e. imagine like a samurai wielding a katana with the sword in front of them,
Would there be only one guard wider guard zone instead of two, or the player would have to place it exclusively in one of the two standard zones and move it around the two zones to attack and defend one at a time?

Interesting question.
Big weapons don’t tend to come into play in Dune very often but its a fair point.
While a katana is usually 2 handed, its not an especially large weapon so it will still work the same as any other blade.
In general, most guard positions in combat leave a space to encourage the opponent to attack predictably.

But if you move up to true 2 handed swords like a NoDachi or Zweihandler its a different ball game.
Its tricky as while such weapons are big, they are also quite unwieldy at close range.
So you might rule they count as a bonus is a skirmish where your target might be at a distance, but not in a duel where everything is closer.

Another option is to only allow them to protect one guard zone at a time (as the attacker can’t focus on both all the time) but allow the assets to move instantly and without a test once each round. That would reflect the quicker response covering more of both zones but not make it overpowered.