Double barreled shotgun / hair trigger mod

  1. As per errata, DBS doesn’t get empty - does that mean that a model can use quick action to shoot in the same turn, or as reaction to trigger?
    Or it can only shoot second time in the reaction?
  2. Hair trigger mode adds Crosshair quick action to pistol/rifle - what does this action do, an additional attack?

1: Double-barrel shotgun has the slow firing icon by default, so it needs to reload (when the model activates again, p.46 rulebook) after firing, but if you roll a blast, you could only shoot again in that activation, so it does not mean you remove de icon from the weapon card, it is just for that turn.
2: Hair trigger mod adds an Action Point Use Icon (p.40 rulebook) to the model when using that pistol/rifle only, so this model could use that pistol/rifle with an Action Point. It stacks with other icons wich the model could have.

if only that was the case :grin:
as i mentioned, the errata says clearly that DBS doesn’t get empty : Q. On the Double-Barrel Shotgun, what does the icon mean?
A. This means the weapon does not become empty, so do not flip the ‘Slow Firing Marker’ to the Empty side.
so I can’t take your answer for granted, as it says different things than errata.

when it comes to hair trigger, it also is a bit more difficult. The card itself has printed icon which is not in mentioned in the rulebook p. 40, so the question still stands - does this icon (Crosshair in cogwheel) represent a quick attack action for the attached weapon?

As you can see in this post: Double-barrel Shotgun , the designer said that.
The point is you get an extra shot, so if you shoot, and roll a blast, your weapon does not empty (you don’t flip the icon) and you can shoot again (maybe I should have said “between” activations), and even if you shoot again with your second action and roll another blast, it does not empty.
So there is no doubt about shooting if you have it previously loaded, right? Maybe I did not understand the question well :sweat_smile: You can shoot it every time you have it previously loaded, it is a rifle type weapon, so no problem with that… is not the same as a Minigun or heavy weapons.
2: There are some icons wich don’t appear in the rulebook, like that one or the Knife icon… Hair trigger’s icon means an Action Point Use Icon for Shooting actions (in this case, it would be Shooting actions from that modded pistol/rifle only), so the model could use the APUI from the modded weapon for a Shooting action with an AP using this modded weapon.

  1. Huh…that’s really weird. I think that’s a typo in the errata itself - based on what the card says and the RAW, it feels like the icon it shows in the errata SHOULD be the slow firing marker with the line through it. Seems to me this is completely backwards.

A dev will have to weigh in, but if the errata is correct in this case then all of slow firing might be out the window (if it doesn’t apply to the DBS, why would it be any different for any other slow firing weapon?)

  1. Hair trigger mod adds the “quick action: shoot” ability to the weapon, so you can spend a quick action to make a shot (at -2 to hit)

:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Obviously there is a missing “red line” on the icon in the errata/faqs pdf (that would match the icon on the double-barrel shotgun special effect)… if not… the question would not be about double-barrel shotgun, it would be about every single slow firing weapon, and a missile launcher would be God :sweat_smile:
As you can see in the same page, the diagonal red line is over a question about Alien blaster weapon (down left), so it is only an edition mistake, they just need to move the red line with a pdf editor over the slow firing icon there :sweat_smile:

Hey everyone -

  • You’ve got it right regarding that bit of the errata regarding the Slow to Fire Icon on the Double Barrel Shotgun - that icon should be replaced with the same logo with a red line through it, suggesting that you don’t flip the Slow to Fire marker for that shot. I’ll get this updated in the next errata.
  • Hair Trigger grants the Quick Action: Shoot ability, meaning you can shot with the upgraded weapon as a Quick Action (following all the normal rules, so - 2 to hit etc).
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