Does movement within Close range require a Movement minor action?

The text on Close range says that movement within it is a trivial affair. Does this mean no action is required to move within Close range? I’m also basing this on how movement works in Conan, Infinity and John Carter.

Page 172 of the core rulebook lists this minor action for personal combat:

MOVEMENT: The character moves to any point within Medium range. This Minor Action cannot be taken if the character performs any movement-related Tasks. This movement is slow and careful enough to move through difficult or hazardous terrain without problem. If there are one or more enemies within Reach of the character, this action cannot be performed.

Page 174 lists this task:

SPRINT: The character attempts a Difficulty 0 Fitness + Security Task. Success means that the character moves one zone (to any point in Medium range), and one additional zone per Momentum spent (Repeatable).
A character may not attempt this Task more than once per Round, and not at all if the character has performed the Movement Minor Action. Terrain and other factors may increase the Difficulty of this Task, and the Task allows Success with Cost (that is, failure means a basic success with no Momentum, but also inflicts a single Complication).

Page 222 of the Core Rulebook lists this task for the helmsperson of a ship:

MANEUVER: The flight controller uses the ship’s thrusters to adjust position and moves to anywhere within Medium range.

So, this to me says that in personal combat, a minor action is needed to move, even if you are only adjusting your position within close range, it still takes some thought and action to do so. If you want to move to anywhere beyond medium range, it requires a task.

In Ship combat, it takes a task, because ships do not move on their own (aside from possible inertia and other physics related things, it takes someone actively adjusting the ship’s heading and speed to change position).

You might be right, but the book could’ve been clearer. On page 170,

Medium range is defined as any zone adjacent to the character’s current zone.

Since this seems to imply that Medium range is a zone, therefore, “Moving to anywhere within Medium range” could be (wrongly) interpreted as “Moving to anywhere within any zone adjacent to the character’s current zone.”

Plus, you can only use a minor action to move, when not within reach of an enemy. So, you might even need a task to move within close range, if you want to stay clear of the reach of an enemy (particularly helpful if said enemy wields, let’s say, a bat’leth).

Guess I was wrong.