Do battlemats exist?

I play the 2d20 RPG, but this seems the place to ask my question. Has anyone made battlemats and/or mini-scale maps of Commonwealth locations? I’m not out to get into another game or buy terrain and the like, I just want maps I can move minis around on.

My ideal scenario here is that someone has completely mapped out Diamond City and I can be pointed that way. I’ll take what I can get, though, if they exist.

Given the licensed nature of Fallout (and the fierceness with which it’s parent companies protect their copyright these days), you’re not likely to see an officially licensed mat from modiphius, and you’re further unlikely to see one that specific from an unlicensed third party.

If you’re not into 3D terrain (not knocking you here, everyone has their interests and their disinterests), you might look into some of the options for flat topographical terrain items. I’ve seen a few companies that specialize in printed (usually pre-cut) items and terrain that you would just place into a table or a generic mat, to produce whatever location you like.

Honestly though, one of the great things about Fallout is that the locations we’ve seen in the games are just the tiniest little slivers of the bigger world -trying to recreate the major established locations of a specific game is only serves to limit you to that much narrower canonical lore. Many of the established factions exist all across the country, so you can still enjoy all those things that make Fallout what it is, without adhering strictly to something so specific as Diamond City -which would be a MASSIVE location for somebody to try to offer in battle mat format.

Just my two cents there.

If you google ‘post apocalyptic battle map baseball stadium’ or various related terms, you can get battle maps that are similar to diamond city. They won’t necessarily contain the interior parts, but a top-down aerial view wouldn’t have them anyway.