Disorients (Shackleton Expanse)

I’m doing some statbuilding in Roll20 for my STA game, specifically coding NPCs from the Shackleton Expanse book. There is a character on p269 that has an attack that reads (Melee, 4CD, Knockdown, Size 1H, Disorients, Non-lethal). I haven’t been able to find any reference to the Disorients ability anywhere, so I suspect it was an ability that got dropped somewhere along the way but remained as an artifact. I was wondering if there was any word on what this was supposed to do?

There is no reference to a “Disorient” weapon quality in all STA content. Moreover, I do not find it neither in Dune, nor in the 2d20 SRD. So it is most likely not an artifact of a “standard” weapon quality not renamed/adapted adequately. Yet, I do not find anything useful anywhere, either.

Since there’s a tailing “s” ("disorients), I would interpret that the weapon, on hit, imposes a “disoriented” Complication on the victim. This seem to blend in well into the capabilities of the respective NPCs wielding these meelee attacks. There should have been a bullet point on this, imho, though.