Disarm action follow ups?

The disarm causes the weapon to fall down within reach. What kind of action does it take to then kick the weapon out of reach (minor, free or standard)? The draw item minor action allows a player to pick something up within reach so I suppose it would be a bit more than that to also throw it , so probably a standard action. It’s a bit frustrating to disarm an appointment then to have him pick the weapon back up with a minor action and attack you again with his standard action, so I like to do something about that weapon once disarmed. But it seems a pain to have to spend a whole other standard action on that, perhaps a talent or momentum spend could be used here. What does everyone else do?

There isn’t a rule for this but I’d say kicking the weapon out of reach would be a minor action as well. If you took that minor action after the standard action you used to disarm, your opponent would have to leave reach to get it, provoking a retaliation action on your part. Throwing it would be a standard action though, Difficulty 0. Standard Action to disarm, second standard action to throw (swift action). Maybe minor action in between to pick up first.

As Inajira1 said, you can kick the weapon. I would add: for 1 Momentum (in addition to the 2/3 of the Disarm spend), you can push it to close range while disarming. You could also, by the Adjust free action, step on the weapon, which would prevent an opponent from picking it up (an Athletics struggle could be used to make you move). Finally, I think there is a talent in Conan the Mercenary allowing you to grab the weapon as you disarm an opponent.

Disarm their shield, swift action. Crush them.

Using momentum to have the weapon land further away is, I think, a perfect example of a creative momentum spend.


I like the idea of the Adjust Free Action to step on the weapon. Worth noting for that, is Adjust is a Movement action and characters can only perform a single Movement action each round.