Destroying Gear

Hello there fellow fans of 90’ action films!

I intend on waging a war of attrition on my group. Since most a pretty well equipped from the start and there is not much room to gain any more as rewards or goals to reach in weapon and armour. I would like to make it feel more natural for the PC to adapt to the Situation.
Which is right after the Fall of von Hölle (bullocks idea to break there and set the campaign a century later on btw…). The city is ripping itself apart, the big four beginning a lock down on their parts, the perimeter is a huge free-for-all between gangs, crime syndicates, freelancers, sub-corporation (which are right now freelancers all but in name) and folks just trying to survive. In between are some Cult activities, paranormal thingys and the one or more typical maniacs.
Now institutions and people who want to safe Luna have drawn together and making emergency plans for damage control. The PC have been established as one of many task forces, since standard PD procedure has become useless. They are ordered to protect and help one of several supply convoys which are carrying, food medical supplies and big old school generators to be installed at three hospitals.
So their way brings them along at what looked a lot like John Carpenter’s escape from New York. No shopping at all, everything is down right now!

I’m searching for some natural way to degrade the PC’s equipment, so they have to barter or loot for replacements. Often worse than their high-end gear, but at some occasions to earn back some of the good stuff.
The simple corruption roll feels not adequate enough to me. I’m thinking of some thing along the line of damage thresholds, or amour piercing. Just not simply destroy it, but reduce soak and/or reliability with possibility for small repairs to some degree. After all i don’t want to punish them, but make them feel the wear and tear every thing is suffering right now.

So i would like to read your input on balancing those ideas.

DS points that target reliability. Complications. Requisition requests for highly destructive ammo. Damn paperwork etc. requirinf Momentum spends to acquire.
You may also want to look at Conan for some of the armour degradation rules ( i’m in the middle of a haunted tower in Northumberland right now!).
Also, FovH is just the aperitif to the anarchy. Stay tuned…
EDIT: Also reloads. Ammunition is likely to be scarce - certain ammo types may have been precision engineered.

Erh. When are we going to hear about the new stuff? A con of some sort?
(is so damned stoked)

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I am play testing a damaged gear option myself. It started with trying to fix the fact that most of the weapons in MC 3rd do not use the DSI for anything, which means most weapons are only effective 33% of the time. As of now each DSI rolled deals 1 check mark worth of damage to armor. This is on top of any listed effects for DSI that the weapon may already have.
What is a check mark worth? Good question.
Each point of soak has a number of check blocks.
3 for hordes
5 for elites
10 for nemesis/heroes

So a Legionnaire with 2 soak on its left arm has 6 check boxes in 2 rows of three.
It is hit for 4d6 and the player rolls 3, 5, 5, DSI, DSI, DSI to the left arm. As the legionnaire has 2 soak on that arm, no damage is done but it takes 3 wounds to his armor and has only 1 soak on that arm from here on out.

This same scenario happens with an elite Centurion. Due to his status as an elite foe he still has 2 check boxes left on the first point of soak and another 5 on the second.

It is not a fast or even effective way to drop an enemy, but it allows players to feel they are accomplishing something when the pump round after round into a Razide and roll a bunch of nothing. This way effectively (eventually) reduce the Razide’s armor soak to zero. Imagine the visuals of shotgun blasts ripping chunks of plating away but not actually damaging the enemy until they finally destroy all the armor and one last shot (perfect damage this time of course) just rips the hulking foe in half with overkill.

I have not yet figured out a good way handle repairs to the armor. currently we use one asset to fix 10 check boxes but I do not care for the direction its heading.

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Imo the armour hit points shouldn’t depending on the wearer, but on the material of the armour. So maybe 3 classes light (light armour and armoured clothing), medium, and heavy.
The difference could be in hp per soak: 1 for light, 2 for medium, and 3 for heavy. For every multiple of Soak+1 damage the armour lost 1 hp in this location.
For example a Blood Baret have 3 Soak in his arm location, now he take a hit with 8 damage. After Soak this are 5 damage to him and 1 to his armour. If he reduce the damage to 3 or less, no damage to the armour. If he get 8 damage directly, maybe as armour piercing, his armour would lost 2 hp in this location.

But I wouldn’t bother with armour hp on troops, and maybe not even on elite.