Dabblers cost on for non-flawed spells

Should dabblers pay experience two times when learning a new spell?

The rules state that the first time that they learn a spell they learn the flawed version. Then, after using the spell, they can buy it again in order to learn the non-flawed version of the spell.

I suppose this refers to the material and temporal costs of learning the spell… Or does it mean that the dabbler has to pay twice the XP cost of the spell?

I feel this falls down to the game and how you wish it to be interpreted. For a dabbler, the assumption is they are guess working their way through magic, throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks as it were. Personally, I haven’t charged them twice, I’ve added a mastery track to each ‘flawed’ spell - which builds as they successfully cast the spell and when it fills they ‘master the spell’ and remove the miscast element. It feels more tangible that way and more interactive, in my experience anyway!