Creating new types of Neoclones

I’m readin’ through Cybertronic, and I think I have an idea of a new Neoclone type.
But, how would one go about making a new NeoClone template?

(The archetype I have in mind is a 80ies moustached leatherbiker with a wry smile. Why? Made to unnerve conformity and have someone who can walk in the lowerlevels of the underworld.)

First I would design it as GM, and not be chosen from the players.
To create a new Neoclone, my way would be simple: create a Cybertronic character with the Lifepath system, but instead of rolling, just choose the results (all results).
Your biker is most likely some sort of combat infiltrator, so as pillar would be my choice SWI TIFF and IC Cyberinfiltrator (Core Rulebook), his skills could Stealth, CC, Pilot, Mechanism and Persuade just for example. Choose from the tables these results, which later shall give him his background. So may Sacked for a reason of low Status, Criminal record for working as Criminal or Freelancer, or Criminal Contact as link to the crime lords (or maybe his contact is in fact his connection to Cybertronic). For cybernetics I would choose only intern systems or cosmetically hidden ones, or extremely grudge one maybe.

I made a possible Neoclone to show what I mean:

possible Biker-Neoclone version
(Expertise is shorten to „E“, Focus to „F“, Signature Skill to „S“)

Decision One:
Intelligence -1: 4
Physique +1: 6

Decision Two:
Criminal, Cybertronic Heritage
Skills: Thievery E+1, Stealth E+1
Signature: Stealth S E+2
Event: Your corporate mentor is connected to an illegal augmentation business

Decision Three:
Pillar: TIFF, SWI
Attributes: Agility +1: 6, Coordination +1: 6
Close Combat E+1
Earnings: 3
Item: lifetime subscription to an entertainment node in subreality

Decision Four:
Luna City, Cybertronic HQ
Attribute: Personality +1: 5
Pilot E+1

Decision Five:
Teenage Draft
Attributes: Strength +2: 7, Physics +2: 8, Agility +1: 7, Awareness +1: 6, Coordination +1: 7, Intelligence +0: 4, Mental Strength +1: 6, Personality +0: 5
Mandatory: Athletics E+1, Close Combat E+2, Education E+1, Ranged Weapons E+1, Survival E+1
Elective: Resistance E+1, Willpower E+1
Talent: No Mercy (Close Combat)
Event: Ferocious Demeanour (13), Trait: Intimidating

Decision Six:
Primary: IES TIFF
Duration: 2 years: 18 years old
Attributes: Strength +0: 7, Physics +0: 8, Agility +1: 8, Awareness +2: 8, Coordination +1: 8, Intelligence +2: 6, Mental Strength +2: 8, Personality +3: 8
Mandatory: Observation E+1, Persuade E+1, Stealth S E+2 F+1
Elective: Linguistics E+1, Thievery E+2
Signature: Persuade S E+2
Talent: Charismatic (Persuade)
Event: Foreign Contact (27), I rolled Capitol
Earnings: 4

Decision Seven:
IC SWI Cyberinfiltrator
Duration: 5 years: 23 years old
Mandatory: Stealth S E+3 F+2, Education E+2 F+1, Linguistics E+2 F+1
Elective: Ranged Weapons E+2 F+1, Persuade S E+3 F+1
Signature: Close Combat S E+3 F+1
Talents: Scout (Stealth), Disguise (Stealth)
Event: Philosophical Insight (20), Trait Frequently Cryptic

Decision Eight:
Depending how lucky you are, you could get this with the 5 Life Points creation: I got the above with 2 Life Points remaining. But most likely you will use the 12 Life Points creation.
Personally I would allow the player to individualism his or her new Neoclone with the steps of Decision Eight, and not make them on my own.
But you as GM should decide a little bit about the appearance of this new creation (sex: male, female or both; Eye, Skin and Hair colour and how likely variations are aso.)