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Convesion Help & Advice

I could use some help with 2 conversion related questions.

1.) Has anyone converted the Mongoose Conan Conversion for’s XP1 Bride of the Spider God?

The Mongoose Conan Conversion is a free PDF and converts that characters, etc. so it fit Hyboria. It is in the Supporting Material Section of the module’s webpage.

2.) I got the AS&SH, 2e Bundle from the current Bundle of Holding and was wondering if anyone has any conversion advice? The AS&SH 2e system is a OSR retro clone and modules are comparable with S&W, OSRIC. and other similar games.

I’ve never found conversion to be overly complex but it depends on your approach. I always take the approach of convert the story/theme/feel over convert the mechanics. Trying to map retro spells to Conan will drive you crazy and many of them just don’t work (one of my big pet peeves against OSR/5E based Sword and Sorcery games is that many of them keep vancian magic)

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