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Chase Trials in Conan 2d20!

I talked about my take on using extended tests or “Trials” in Conan 2d20 on a recent blog post. I wanted to talk about it a little further and how it could be used to quickly abstract an epic chase through a city, countryside or similar.

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This blog post has interesting timing… I also experiment with chase mechanics and currently I borrowed the one from Call of Cthulhu 7e and “translated” it to Conan 2d20, keeping the opposed mechanics as the main means to progress in a chase.

  • I have initial roll to set up the distance between the chased and the pursuers. This is opposed check and if players win they manage to get one or two zones ahead of their pursuers.
  • There are either obstacles in a zone or opposed check with the pursuers. The momentum generated on the check can be either used to improve the success and distance traversed or increase the difficulty for the pursuers (the generic momentum uses outside combat).
  • Success moves you to the next zone(s), failure prevents you to progress in a meaningful way.
  • Depending on the type of chase, I set X number of zones distance before you can say you escaped.

There is risk of having a stalemate, but as GM I ensure the things are spicy and dynamic, introducing new obstacles via Doom spends or putting distinct zones. Some of my players are quite creative with the usage of Fortune points that affect a scene and even with the momentum spends.

You approach with the chase is interesting for sure. Fixed amount of momentum needed to win a chase is changing the momentum management for the party. Have to find some bandwidth to experiment with this :slight_smile: