Character Traits after Character Creation

Apologies if I missed this in the book, but is there a mechanism by which characters can obtain new traits after character creation? For example, there are a number of archetype traits that could easily go together. For example, a character that is both a smuggler and a spy. Or a courtier that is also a spy. Or less obvious combinations, like a courtier that is secretly an assassin or a duelist.

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The book doesn’t specifically address changing traits, the nearest I would say covers it is the rules on drive statements changing. (Pg 147)
With that you can alter your statements when you go against them and generste new statements in their place.
I would say that changing traits works similarly. If you start acting more like a spy I, as a gamesmaster, would allow the player to swap out one of their traits for the trait of ‘Spy’.

If you want to increase the number of traits again the rules dont cover it, but pg 139 does talk about advancement.
If the GM was happy with it I would treat it like talents for cost (3× current number) to get another trait. That is purely a House rule though.


Yup. I’d certainly allow characters to swap out traits depending on the events of the adventure or their character development between adventures without cost.
Buying new ones is possible but any more than 5 traits is getting a bit silly as it dilutes the importance of the ones they have.

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Thanks for the input.

I was thinking similarly regarding getting new traits. And agreed, too many traits would get out of hand.