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Character sheet influence box

Last week we started a new group. All first time players to this edition/rpg. I am the game master and one of the players asked what the influence box was for on the character sheet. I have not found a mechanic for influence but the way things are split around the books are not too intuitive to me . What is “influence” in game terms or can you point me towards a book/section to read up on it. Any help is much appreciated.

Influence is only used for acquisitions. See MC3 core book page 248, Rules of Acquisition, and there the paragraph “Apply Cash”.

This is quite a “wasted” game stat, in later 2d20 games there has been the opportunity for PCs to make social “attacks” and get a damage bonus for high Personality and some Talents, but MC3 does not have that.


Thank you for the info. We glossed through that section and figured we would review it first time it came up in game.